Volume: 0,5 L / 1 L / 5 L

Consumption: 2 m² / 4 m² / 20 m ²

It is a texture paint for visual and tactile imitation of a suede surface. It is used for painting all kinds of interior surfaces: walls, ceilings, cornices and moldings, wood furniture and joinery. It is easily applied as a conventional paint with a roller, brush or paint gun and can be done even by craftsmen with basic painting experience.


The coating is resistant to abrasion and washing. It can be locally restored if necessary.


Suede paint has 60 numbered shades.

Can be tinted to any individual color.

• The substrate must be clean, dry and firm. Remove crumbling and flaking old coatings, prepare the surface.
• General painting surface preparation: apply primer on plastered, chalky or absorbent surfaces. Use covering primer for previously painted walls, cornices, moldings, baseboards, MDFs, chipboards, fiberboards. 
• Apply colored undercoat: two layers of decorative or interior paint tinted in the suede color.
• The suede paint is ready for use. Mix thoroughly before application.
• For spraying, dilute with water in proportion from 5 to 10% of the volume of suede paint. Use the same dilution proportion for all buckets.
 Do not dilute with water by more than 15%! 
• Do not store diluted material
Depending on the shade, the suede paint can be applied in two or three layers, by roller, brush or paint gun.
When working with a roller, it is desirable not to dilute the material.

It is recommended to use a polyacrylic roller with a medium pile of 12-18 mm. Depending on the surface area suede paint is applied with different techniques. For small areas, use X- and V-shaped movements. Large walls are painted up and down, carefully and evenly leveling the joints. 

Important: do not save the mixture for later, avoid overrolling. The coating uniformity should be evaluated only after the second layer is applied.
The application temperature should be not lower than +10°С.
The tools should be cleaned with warm water and soap.

When painting furniture, kitchen fronts, doors, sanitary facilities and surfaces with extreme operational load, it is recommended to use additional protection with two-component varnish. 
Suede paint can be tinted with MeToo or Monicolor pigments in a minimum proportion.

The basic color of suede paint is obtained by blending. For selection and ordering of an individual shade, please contact the mka.paint workshop.
Storage temperature: +5 to +25°С
Shelf life: 12 months
Resistance class: 1
Intermediate drying: 4 - 6 hours
Through drying: 24 hours
Coating appearance: textured, spot-like, matte.
Composition: aqueous polymer dispersions, cellulose ethers, coagulants, mineral fillers, biocidal and target additives.
Manufactured in accordance with TU 20.30.11-009-72723477-2022


Application with a large roller
Spray application


Suede album

A palette of 60 interior shades, based on the experience of our decorators, preferences of architects, designers and clients of our workshop.