Volume: 1 kg / 10 kg

Расход: 1 m² / 10 m² 

Required component: Cementino

Microcement is a durable cement polymer coating for all types of interior surfaces: walls, floors and ceilings, architectural elements, joinery and interior doors, furniture, countertops, and kitchen backsplashes. It is suitable for damp areas.


Depending on the type of surface and operational load, the type of protective coating can be selected: matte aqua varnish or two-component varnish.

The coating imitates the texture and density of concrete with excellent strength. It is suitable for residential and commercial buildings, passageways and public areas. It is easy to wash and can be repaired locally. It has a natural and safe composition, and it's completely odorless.

• The substrate must be clean, dry and firm. Remove crumbling and flaking old coatings, prepare the surface. 
• General painting surface preparation: apply primer on plastered, chalky or absorbent surfaces. Use covering primer for previously painted walls, MDFs, chipboards, fiberboards.
• Apply colored undercoat: a layer of decorative paint in the color of the future coating.
• Mix Microcement and Cementino in a ratio of 3:1 and mix thoroughly with a mixer at low speed.
• Attention! Do not dilute the mixture with water!
If the mixture is too thick to work with, add a little more Cementino. It is important to observe the ratio of Microcement and Cementino for the entire volume.
• The mixture should be prepared in small batches for one working period. If a significant amount of mixture is prepared and not used, it will solidify in the bucket and will be unusable. 
Usually the layers are applied as follows — a smooth homogeneous layer + a thing layer + wet polishing with a trowel. All layers are applied with a Venetian trowel. The strokes should be uniform and random, with optimal pressure on the tool.
It is important to follow the mixing ratio of Microcement and Cementino to ensure that the color of the coating is homogeneous.  
The application temperature should be between +10 and +20°C. In other conditions the life of the prepared mixture may change. The higher the temperature, the faster the hardening; the lower the temperature, the slower the hardening.
The tools should be cleaned with warm water and soap.
Matte aqua varnish should be used as a finish and protective layer.
When decorating floors and bathrooms, furniture, doors, kitchen fronts and backsplashes it is recommended to use protection with two-component varnish.
Microcement is mixed with colored Cementino and takes its color. Cementino mixture is tinted with MeToo or Monicolor pigments in any natural color according to the palettes:
mka.paint, NCS, RAL Classic, RAL Design, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Willians, Farrow&Ball, Little Greene, Paint&Paper, Dulux and others.
 - Cementino can also be tinted to a custom color with pigment formula matching. A test sample should be made to match the selected shade exactly. 
 - It is not recommended to add white pigment if its amount exceeds 5% of the volume of Cementino. 
 -The characteristics of the material do not allow to obtain too pure, bright or dark colors by tinting. To correct such shades, apply additional tinting of Microcement with a mixture of French glaze and decorative paint.
Attention! The material is highly hygroscopic. Store in conditions that do not allow moisture. Dry powder should not be left in an open container.

Storage temperature: +5 to +25°С
 Shelf life: 12 months
 Resistance class: 1+
Intermediate drying: 6 – 8 hours 
Through drying: 24 hours
 Coating external appearance: concrete, smooth.
Composition: fractionated limestone fillers, ground quartz, micromarble, molding sand, target functional additives, fragrance.
Manufactured in accordance with TU2332-004-72723477-2011



Middle box

The middle box is a set of samples in the 20x30 cm format, in 10 interior shades from the mka.paint palette.