Volume: 1 l / 3 l

Consumption: 6 m² /18 m²

It is a professional two-component polyurethane varnish for hard-wearing surfaces. It creates an extremely protective layer.

IT is suitable for all decorative coatings, Microcement and Microconcrete, wet areas and floors, joinery, worktops and kitchen backsplashes.

• The surface must have sufficient strength to apply the varnish, be dry and non-sticky, free of dust, stains and peeling.
• The varnish must not be tinted, diluted with water and solvents!
• Mix component A with a low-speed mixer (up to 500 rpm), paying special attention to the wall and bottom layer. Add component B to component A and mix for 3-5 minutes.
• Do not mix by hand! Insufficiently mixed material can lead to serious coating defects.
The prepared mixture can be stored for about two hours, at a temperature of +10...+30°C. The composition should be mixed immediately before starting work. It is recommended to mix the amount of composition that can be used in one working period.
• Mixing proportions (by weight) A : B = 5 : 1.
For 1 liter: A:B = 1000 g : 200 g
For 3 liters: A:B = 3000 g : 600 g
Apply the varnish in a uniform layer without skips on a clean and dry surface with a velour (not foam) roller, the length of the pile not more than 5 mm. Before starting work, treat the surface of the roller with painter's tape to remove excess lint.

The varnish is applied in two layers. Before applying the second layer, it is recommended to lightly sand the surface with 320-400 grit abrasive paper. The second layer of varnish should be applied crosswise to the first one.

Polyurethane varnish has specific flow properties and requires careful distribution on the surface. Gaps in the varnish film are unacceptable.

It is important to create a uniform layer over the entire surface. Otherwise, when drying, areas with different thicknesses and gloss levels will form.

The surface tends to slightly retain certain types of dirt, which is a standard characteristic for water-based matte systems. To achieve the best visual effect, it is recommended that the surface be completely free of contaminants until the final set (7 days).
Do not cover the material with a protective film until it is completely dry!

Do not apply in thick layers! Do not allow spillage of the material during application!
The application temperature should be not lower than +10°С.
Tools should be cleaned with water.
Storage temperature: +10 to +25°С
Shelf life: 6 months
Resistance class: 1++
Intermediate drying: 12-18 hours
Through drying: 24 hours
Time to full operational load: 7 days
Coating appearance: matte, with a soft sheen.