Volume:  1 L / 5 L / 10 L

Consumption:  5 m² / 25 m² / 50 m²

For color undercoat

Abrasion class: 2 / Glossiness: 3

Paint for colored undercoats under Architectural paints, Pearl materials, Microcement and Microconcrete.

It has a high covering capacity and comfortable
thickness. It does not require dilution. It can be tinted in any color. It is used only as an undercoat, it is not intended for washing and daily use. It can be tinted in any color.

For Alcaustico and Flocaustico mixtures

Abrasion class: 2 / Glossiness: 3

Dense and thick acrylic paint for the preparation of decorative plasters. It is mixed with Alcaustico and Flocaustico in the required proportions. It absorbs filler well and holds the volume. It can be tinted in any color.

It is not intended to be used without thickeners. It is applied in two coats.

• The substrate must be clean, dry and firm. Remove crumbling and flaking old coatings, prepare the surface.
• General surface preparation: apply Primer to plastered, chalky or absorbent surfaces, including brick, concrete, wood. For previously painted walls or surfaces with low adhesion, use Covering Primer.
• The paint is ready for use. Mix thoroughly before application.
• Do not dilute with water!
• Dilute with Conditioner at a ratio of 5 to 20% of paint volume. Dilute Decorative Paint only when used as a color undercoat. When mixing with Flocaustico or Alcaustico thickeners, it is not recommended to dilute the paint beforehand.
The application and mixing depend on the chosen application method. As a color undercoat, Decorative Paint is applied in one or two coats with a roller, brush or spray gun. When calculating the amount of material to be used, take into account that application by spraying increases the consumption by 50-70 ml/m2.

The application temperature should be not lower than +10°С.
The tools should be cleaned with warm water and soap.
Decorative Paint is tinted with MeToo or Monicolor pigments in any color according to the palettes: mka.paint, NCS, RAL Classic, RAL Design, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Willians, Farrow&Ball, Little Greene, Paint&Paper, Dulux and others.

The paint can also be sample tinted in individual colors with the selection of pigment formula.
Storage temperature: +5 to +25°С
Shelf life: 12 months
Resistance class: 2
Glossiness: 3
Intermediate drying: 6 – 8 hours
Through drying: 24 hours
Coating appearance: even, smooth, matte, without foreign inclusions.
Composition: aqueous polymer dispersions, methylhydropropylcellulose, coagulant, mineral fillers.
Manufactured in accordance with TU 20.30.11-009-72723477-2022